Mixed Media Art-Time to get Messy!

On November 25, myself and 2 friends- Karen & Tina, participated in an Art Class taught by artist Annamarie Oke. It was my very first REAL ART CLASS and I was super excited! We had the choice to pick one of these..

.nyc poppy tulips better

I had a really hard time picking the one, but the tulips won because I loved the texture….and so did my friends!!!

We started out with a blank canvas (here’s Karen)…

karen blank kanvas

and added our image… (here’s Me)..


and added some moulding paste (here’s Tina)…and me….

tina moulding paste

putting on the paste

I LOVE Moulding Paste….maye a bit too much…

paste complete

We kinda got a bit crazy….

lol2 lol

Then came the paint colors!!!!!


and so the painting began….

lets start painting

Annamarie was awesome!

Annamarie Oke i demo

Here is karen adding the bronze paint outliner…

karen putting on the bronze

and here are a few other students joining in on the fun…amazing work!

poppy2 poppy3

And TA DAAAAAAA…..here is my FIRST REAL Canvas Painting!!!!

done-my first canvas

Here is a pic of all our ART…(left to right) Mine, Tina and Karen’s!!!!

we're freaking artists!

TINA: quote “WE’RE FREAKING ARTISTS!!!!!” unquote LOL!!!

Cant wait to do another class with Annamarie in April!


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